Sustainability is in Veganologie’s DNA. Our ethos is to innovate fashion to make it more caring for our planet, for us and our future generations. We have partnered with three organisations to ensure we can do our bit to revitalise our planet’s DNA.


Azraq Partnership

The ocean produces at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen and is the home to most of Earth’s biodiversity. Our oceans cover more than 70% of the surface of our planet, and now, they are in need of our support. We need to work in synergy to create a new balance where the oceans no longer deplete their goodness but instead are revitalized and provide new life for healthy life cycles for generations to come. 

In honour of World Ocean Day, Veganologie has partnered with Azraq, a volunteer-led organization in the United Arab Emirates, dedicated to restoring coral reefs, reducing debris, and achieving a healthier ocean.

Since June 2022, Veganologie has planted well over 100 mangrove trees on UAE’s coastline, with more plantations on the way.

For every 10 sales we receive, Veganologie plants a mangrove tree. 

Why Mangroves?

Mangroves help in stabilizing the coastline by reducing erosion caused by any storms or tides. They help protect water by removing pollutants from stormwater before they reach the coral reefs. Mangroves also assist in reducing the chances of coastal flooding, and therefore, provide a great habitat for fish, birds, deer and honey bees. Mangroves are beneficial for both fish and birds as many birds depend on mangroves for seasonal migrations.

Being a Dubai based start-up, we are proud to be partnering with a local organisation that can support us in achieving our goals of protecting the environment and re-vitalising it back to its original form.

At Veganologie, we are proud to stay committed to our goal of providing you with sustainable and ethical fashion, and we are equally proud to be starting the conservation of mangroves locally. Starting local means we can measure the impact and share it with you as we go on this journey together.

There is no “small action” in taking care of our environment. Every step counts.


RECAPP Partnership

Veganologie has partnered with RECAPP by VEOLIA, the most sought-after digital recycling solution empowered by Veolia – the global leader in the field of environmental services. We have become their Rewards partner to participate in the UAE’s sustainable goal for 2030 to divert 75% of the waste produced in the UAE from landfills.

Launched by Veolia Middle East, RECAPP is UAE’s first free-of-charge digital door-to door service collecting recyclables and rewarding responsible behaviour for their members.

Worldwide, nearly 80% of consumers want to be able to make a difference in saving the planet for future generations. By partnering with RECAPP, we wanted to provide our community of customers with a solution to easily act in order to start making a difference, together.

Recycling is an easy step forward now.

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Conserves Resources

Recycling conserves resources by reducing the need to consume natural resources.

Save More Energy

Recycling conserves resources by reducing the need to consume natural resources.

Protect Environment

Recycling conserves resources by reducing the need to consume natural resources.

Reduce Landfill

Recycling conserves resources by reducing the need to consume natural resources.


EcoRatings Partnership

EcoRatings Partnership

EcoRatings has rated each of our products to highlight the positive difference sustainable fashion makes in the otherwise very toxic industry.

Did you know that the carbon emissions associated with the production of our bags are, on average, 83% lower than a genuine leather bag? 

To be truly transparent with our customers, we partnered with EcoRatings to show how clean and green our products are. EcoRatings is a sustainability AI company pioneering a Gen AI “unified knowledge platform.” They use advanced technology to make sustainability decisions transparent, quick and easy.

With EcoRatings, we have been able to set the ESG baseline for our product line with specific scores on environmental and carbon emissions as well as Social and Government parameters.



Each and every material used at Veganologie is 100% recycled and has various certifications. Read more about our Materials here.



We are GRS, USDA, RCS and PeTA Certified. Read more about their impacts here.



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