The Team


Founder & CEO

Angana Maheshwari has always aspired to make the world a better place. Throughout her life, she has believed in giving back, whether it’s through fund raising or volunteering to help underserved communities all over the world. She wants to make a more positive impact on the world around her and is proud to be part of the generation that is the driving force behind ethical consumerism.

While trying to find a sustainable vegan leather handbag during the pandemic, the lack of options for classically designed, well-made, practical, and affordable 100% recycled bags led her to start Veganologie. She dove headfirst into handbag production, something she’d never done before.

Angana has lived all over the world and is a true global citizen. She was born in India and raised in Germany and Luxembourg, then moved to London, New York, and now Dubai, where she lives and works today. She completed her undergraduate degree from New York University (NYU) and then graduated with an MSc in Media and Communication from London School of Economics (LSE), giving her the skills to accurately create a business where transparent communication is at the core of its values.


Executive Director & Designer

Sara Basar takes a multifaceted approach to the process of creation and production of a fashion collection. Originally from Padua, Italy, Sara graduated with a BA in fashion design from the IUAV University of Venice. She has built a portfolio of experience with a rich skill set via internships and positions in design houses around the world, most notably Italy, Turkey, and now, the UAE.

Born and raised in Italy, Sara is proud of her multi-cultural upbringing, with her family’s mix of three cultures and languages. Her Albanian/Syrian roots on her mother’s side, combined with Turkish heritage on her father’s, and brought to life in Italy, are all an inherent part of who she is today. Sara is passionate about fashion and its storytelling around the meeting of cultures. Her role at Veganologie is bringing her closer to her dream of uniting people from different cultures through a common language of fashion and sustainability.


Logistics & Operations Manager

Vinay Vudutha, 28, has over five years of experience in the Supply chain and Logistics sector, with a post-graduate degree in Supply Chain Management. His experience and expertise includes Imports/Exports Goods, Last-Mile Delivery, Transportation, Warehousing, and Inventory Management. Strategically, his goals include ensuring efficiency, improving quality, and optimizing transportation.

Working for a sustainable fashion brand is an exciting new challenge and adventure for him. Vinay believes that whenever individuals purchase new items, they should first consider the environmental impacts of the products. He believes this curiosity will help advance responsible supply chains around the world as well as help prevent future supply chain disruptions.

During his free time, Vinay’s go-to activities to create work/life balance are working out and cricket.


eCommerce & Creative Marketing

An old soul at heart, Julius grew up surrounded by a family of artists, where he developed his passion for the Digital Arts. He studied Computer Science and has won several Web Designing and Programming contests back home in the Philippines.

Julius has built his career of 15 years working in banks, real estate, and publishing companies. He has led several eCommerce developments projects and has mentored diverse teams in different parts of the world. His main role at Veganologie is not only to ensure that the website runs smoothly, but also to help get the message out that "Fashion should be Caring" through creative online marketing.

Apart from work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter.


Operations Coordinator

Josh started his career by managing his digital printing family business back in the Philippines when he was 18. When he finished his NCII AutoCAD Course in 2020, he decided to join his mother in Dubai to jump-start his career.

During his exploration, he had landed multiple freelance projects as a Digital Media Specialist and Web Designer. He joined Veganologie as he is inspired to be in a workplace that makes a difference to the environment and world.

During his spare time, Josh loves to unwind with music at home, play online games, and spend quality time with his family.


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