Angana Maheshwari

Founder & CEO

Angana Maheshwari has always aspired to make the world a better place. Throughout her life, she has believed in giving back, whether it’s through fund raising or volunteering to help underserved communities all over the world. She wants to make a more positive impact on the world around her and is proud to be part of the generation that is the driving force behind ethical consumerism.

While trying to find a sustainable vegan leather handbag during the pandemic, the lack of options for classically designed, well-made, practical, and affordable 100% recycled bags led her to start Veganologie. She dove headfirst into handbag production, something she’d never done before.

Angana has lived all over the world and is a true global citizen. She was born in India and raised in Germany and Luxembourg, then moved to London, New York, and now Dubai, where she lives and works today. She completed her undergraduate degree from New York University (NYU) and then graduated with an MSc in Media and Communication from London School of Economics (LSE), giving her the skills to accurately create a business where transparent communication is at the core of its values.

Oscar santi

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Oscar is a highly-skilled strategist and marketing manager in the fashion and luxury industry. He has 9+ years of experience in growing revenues and analysing business processes with the main goal of increasing the company’s value. Passionate about marketing and business development with a focus on digital, he has an exceptional work ethic and a track record of improving company digitalization and developing online media marketing strategies.

Originally from Italy, Oscar graduated with a BA in Finance and Economics and a double master's in International Management and Entrepreneurship. He started his career in IT and then in the fashion industry, where he covered the roles of E-commerce Manager and Sales and Marketing Manager. In the last few years, Oscar developed a particular interest in sustainability and ethical fashion businesses; this led him to join Veganologie, with the main purpose of helping spread sustainable fashion products globally and making an impact in this industry for the environment and future generations.

Alexa Renfroe


Alexa’s first sentence was “No jeans mommy.” She expressed her love for fashion and art as soon as she could talk. Originally from New York City, she has had a dynamic career in fashion. Alexa has held positions at Wilhelmina models, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazine, but felt a calling to create. Following her heart, Alexa enrolled in Parsons School of Design and graduated with an associate’s degree in fashion design, adding to her bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications from the Walter Cronkite school of journalism.

Alexa joins the Veganologie team as an assistant designer. Alexa believes the future of fashion is sustainability and looks forward to setting sustainability as the new standard. When Alexa is not at work, she enjoys the beach, making clothes, roller skating or group fitness, and exploring different cultures through food and art.

Diksha Tilwani

Production Assistant

Diksha knew she wanted to design since she was in school where fashion studies quickly became her favorite subject. She called Dubai her home for 18 vibrant years before moving to India to pursue her bachelor's degree in design from NIFT. During college, Diksha fell in love with various craft techniques and discovered her passion for sustainable fashion. She has always had a knack for blending creativity with technical skills, evident in everything she did. With three years of experience in assisting in designing and handling production for a sustainable clothing brand from Seattle, Diksha's commitment to sustainable fashion has grown immensely. She firmly believes that design is where functionality meets aesthetic creativity, and her goal is to create functional, sustainable, and beautiful designs.

Aside from her design work, Diksha has explored various interests, including teaching roller skating, working as a makeup artist, and experimenting with cooking. As she continues her journey, Diksha remains dedicated to infusing her passion for sustainability into her design projects, trying to make a positive impact with Veganologie.

Vinay Vudutha

Logistics & Operations Manager

Vinay Vudutha has over five years of experience in the Supply chain and Logistics sector, with a post-graduate degree in Supply Chain Management. His experience and expertise includes Imports/Exports Goods, Last-Mile Delivery, Transportation, Warehousing, and Inventory Management. Strategically, his goals include ensuring efficiency, improving quality, and optimizing transportation.

Working for a sustainable fashion brand is an exciting new challenge and adventure for him. Vinay believes that whenever individuals purchase new items, they should first consider the environmental impacts of the products. He believes this curiosity will help advance responsible supply chains around the world as well as help prevent future supply chain disruptions.

During his free time, Vinay’s go-to activities to create work/life balance are working out and cricket. 

Joshua Narvasa

Operations Coordinator

Josh started his career by managing his digital printing family business back in the Philippines when he was 18. When he finished his NCII AutoCAD Course in 2020, he decided to join his mother in Dubai to jump-start his career.

During his exploration, he had landed multiple freelance projects as a Digital Media Specialist and Web Designer. He joined Veganologie as he is inspired to be in a workplace that makes a difference to the environment and world.

During his spare time, Josh loves to unwind with music at home, play online games, and spend quality time with his family.

Angeline Ferrer


Angeline is an accounting professional with seven years of relevant experience in accounting and auditing and a graduate of Bachelor's degree in Accountancy. Moving to Dubai widened her knowledge of the country's sustainability movement and the fashion industry. She believes that fashion should be fun and exciting, and joining a company that supports sustainability by producing eco-friendly products is very fulfilling, knowing that it contributes not only to having a better and healthier environment but also saving money while still being enjoyable and fashionable.

In her free time, Angeline enjoys the great outdoors and loves hanging out with her friends, reading, and music. She is fond of the Korean boyband BTS.

Princess Castillo

Sales Representative

Princess Castillo is a self-motivated Sales Officer with 13 years of experience in the Customer Service Industry. She graduated in an HR Management and Administrative Course.

She joined Veganologie because she loves fashion, and she cares for Mother Earth too. When she met Angana, she learnt that Veganologie is a combination of fashion and sustainability that cares for the environment and animals. That excited Princess and motivated her to join the team and share the story of Veganologie with everyone. 

In her free time, she cooks, watches movies, and loves singing and spending time with her family in the Philippines through video calling.

Arnida Hernandez

Sales Representative

Arnida Hernandez, aka Amy, has 15 years of experience in Sales, specifically in Retail. While it’s a challenge that keeps Amy on her toes, she loves meeting and speaking with people from different walks of life. 

Amy believes that Mother Earth & her destiny brought her to Veganologie for more growth and a new challenging role because here at Veganologie, she believes that the Sales Reps are not only selling but we are also caring about our environment and our planet. 

In Amy’s free time, she loves singing and as a Mom, she also takes time out to spend time with her kids back home. 

Lourdes Torres

Sales Representative

Lourdes Torres, from the Philippines, has more than 10 years of experience as a sales executive. She moved to the UAE when she was young to help her family back home. Veganologie caught her interest as she was inspired by their vision and concept of sustainable living. And the importance of recycling. As a sales rep, she is dedicated to working on building and spreading awareness on how we can make a better place through a sustainable lifestyle for the new generation to come.

In her free time, Lourdes loves to play badminton, read books, sing Karaoke with her friends and loves cooking.

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