Love Mother Earth, and she’ll love you back!  

At Veganologie, quality and authenticity are our priority! We want to give you the comfort of knowing that your product has been carefully crafted using materials that have been chosen with diligence to meet the global environmental standards.

Each and every material used in our product and packaging is 100% recycled and has the GRS certification. The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification is an international system that sets pre-requisites for third-party certification that consists of recycled content, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. The aim of GRS is to define requirements, ensure accurate claims and good working conditions in our factories, and minimize all environmental and chemical impacts.

Let us help you become the modern day sustainable conscious consumer who doesn’t compromise on her fashion and style!

They say that you should make lemonade when life gives you a lemon. We at Veganologie believe that when life gives us leftovers, we should create something unique. That's exactly what we're doing! Veganologie is proud to introduce Apple Skin to its collection! Apple leather, also known as Apple Skin, is made using leftover pomace and peel from the fruit juice and compote industry. When apples are juiced, there are solid leftovers, known as apple pomace. The pomace has a high cellulose content and is ideal for upcycling into new fabrics.


Once the apple waste has been recovered, it is reduced into a powder. Once processed into a powder, it's combined with polyurethane and coated onto cotton and canvas. The apple leather used in our products is made using 50% apple waste mixed with 40% PU. This combination results in a durable yet soft fabric, which is perfect for our accessories.

Veganologie works hard to maintain sustainability at the core of each design. Using Apple Skin in our materials is an additional step to ensure we can give you high-quality products while maintaining sustainability transparency. To ensure that the Apple Skin is exactly what we're saying, the materials have been certified by the GRS, PeTA, USDA and ISO.


One of the key aspects of using AppleSkin is that it's completely renewable and completely biodegradable. As a result, this reduces the level of CO2 impacting our planet significantly, along with lowering the impact of global warming. Apart from its positive impact on the planet, the durability and strength of the fabric increase the longevity of the product is used for.

Choosing these materials is choosing to be ecofriendly and giving us an opportunity to help you to be actively involved in the formation of a greener planet through your purchases with Veganologie.

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