Horrified by the famous image of the plastic straw being pulled out of the turtle, we knew that there had to be more we could do as a society to prevent our planet from getting damaged further. With approximately 26,000 tons of plastic waste sitting in our oceans, we knew that one of Veganologie’s core values needed to surround the idea of bringing sustainable and circular fashion to life, by using recycled plastic bottles as the base of our materials.

At Veganologie, we are ethical and sustainable from our roots. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that all our facilities are ethical, and all our materials are sustainable. We believe that sustainability not only applies to our materials or products but being ethical and mindful of all the members who work tirelessly to achieve the quality that we feel proud to share with you.

All our products are produced at facilities that have been assessed and certified by the Brussels-based auditing firm, Amfori BSCI – the leading business association for open and sustainable trade. They have also been certified by Sedex’s SMETA Audit (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), the social auditing methodology, enabling businesses to assess their sites and suppliers to understand working conditions in their supply chain. Moreover, all our materials have been GRS (Global Recycled Standards) certified to certify the authenticity of our sustainable materials.

This is just the beginning for Veganologie. In the future, we hope to introduce more materials that are not only unique for our conscious consumer, but also to create a healthier planet. Ultimately, our primary goal is to increase awareness around ethical production and to encourage sustainable consumption in the fashion world.

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