Love Mother Earth, and she’ll love you back!  

At Veganologie, quality and authenticity are our priority! We want to give you the comfort of knowing that your product has been carefully crafted using materials that have been chosen with diligence to meet the global environmental standards.

Each and every material used in our product and packaging is 100% recycled and has the GRS certification. The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification is an international system that sets pre-requisites for third-party certification that consists of recycled content, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. The aim of GRS is to define requirements, ensure accurate claims and good working conditions in our factories, and minimize all environmental and chemical impacts.

Let us help you become the modern day sustainable conscious consumer who doesn’t compromise on her fashion and style!


rPET is essentially recycled plastic. Plastic items are often used once and discarded into non-recycled rubbish, piling up on farms and lands. Following the recycle and upcycle process, rPET is a durable product that can be re-moulded and re-shaped into new products, just like we’ve done for our bags. Using rPET drastically reduces carbon footprint by removing the need to use energy to extract and create new raw plastic material. The process of sorting, washing, and flaking post-consumer PET to make new rPET requires drastically less energy (75% less) than creating raw plastic.

Choosing these materials is choosing to be ecofriendly and giving us an opportunity to help you to be actively involved in the formation of a greener planet through your purchases with Veganologie.

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