London Design Festival celebrates and promotes the City as the design capital of the world. It is one of the world’s leading design events which brings together designers from across the globe and demonstrates the capital’s position as a powerhouse for the creative industries. It’s an excellent platform for hundreds of design stories to be told, like the Veganologie’s story. The design ethos is deeply engraved in our roots. Our products are masterpieces of art, starting with the brand’s bold and boxy designs and the iconic Monstera leaf (which in the East symbolises longevity and respect). Every detail in our bags leads to a concept that goes beyond the concept of design itself. The result of this meeting of cultures and souls is the beginning of the story for Veganologie and its brand ethos.

Veganologie will proudly participate in the 20th Edition of the London Design Festival, partnering with Madhuriya. The show is an immersive exhibition that aims to get audiences to vividly imagine the world they wish to live in. The festival will also be a springboard for a platform called ClimArts; its mission is to empower artists and designers with climate science and data and to enable them to use their creativity for impactful climate communication, in turn enriching their art. To be opened by the Head of Climate Change at the Mayor of London’s office, Shoonya brings together dancers, writers, designers and climate experts in a unique multi-disciplinary exhibition featuring bespoke dance pieces, sustainable interiors and fashion showcase and engaging fireside chats. Ticketed visitors can also interact with the participating artists, designers and climate experts over drinks and green canapes and pre-order products.

Located in the vibrant and aesthetic frame of Mayfair in London, the Asia House will be the magnificent location where the event will take place; Veganologie is pleased to invite you to its space on the first floor of the Asia House, where it will present a selection of its best products, a preview of our ideas for new products coming soon, our new partnerships, our ideas for the future of the sustainable fashion and with special offers reserved for LDF visitors.

As our commitment and efforts for the environment, sustainable fashion, and ethical labour are getting stronger day by day. We truly think that even design should play its part in these matters. For the Festival, our motto is #desginshouldbecaring.

Shoonya - Exhibition of sustainable interiors and fashion - free entry, 2-5pm. Ticketed networking event, 5.30-8pm. Opening by the Head of Climate Change, Mayor of London’s office, climate themed dance and design showcase, fireside chats, and interaction over green canapes by Dishoom.

Stop by at Asia House in the Mayfair Design District TODAY! Veganologie is ready to greet you and show you some sustainable designs, and share special offers just for visitors. 

17.09.22 ( 14:00—17:00 | 17:30—20:00 )

Mayfair Design District ( Asia House London W1G 7LP )

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