Veganologie Made It To COP28!

Veganologie Made It To COP28!

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Our Founder, Angana Maheshwari, was at Expo City showcasing Veganologie!

At Veganologie, we are committed to changing the World by creating a positive social impact in the fashion industry!  We are leveraging our position as a pioneer in sustainable fashion in UAE and the Middle East, creating game-changer products that will make a significant impact now and for future generations to come. As a homegrown brand, we are delighted that COP28, the most important and biggest forum in the world about climate change, is being held in Dubai. 

We are making a contribution to fighting climate change. Through our products, we’re contributing to removing tons of plastic from the oceans; we also contribute by planting dozens of Mangrove trees on UAE’s coastline thanks to our partnership with Azraq, all of which translates into tonnes of CO2 removed from the environment.

To be truly transparent with our customers, we partnered with EcoRatings to show how clean and green our products are. Did you know that the carbon emissions associated with the production of our bags are 83% lower than a Cow leather bag?

Alongside EcoRatings, we were able to put up a display to showcase our truly sustainable products at COP28! We were able to highlight our innovation and creativity to audiences from all over the world.

Veganologie stands alongside all organizations, such as COP28, governments and people who are concretely committed to doing something to fight climate change and help preserve our mother Earth.

Thank you for supporting us and helping us through our mission.

Sustainable fashion is needed now more than ever.

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