Introducing Veganologie

Introducing Veganologie

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--This sustainable, cruelty-free collection is designed for fashionable conscious consumers--

DUBAI, UAE—21 November, 2021—Veganologie, the first Dubai-based female-founded sustainable accessories brand which uses 100% vegan, recycled or sustainable materials, will launch its direct-to-consumer website on 21 November 2021.  The brand has received important Global Recycled Standards (GRS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) certifications, affirming the brand’s cruelty-free, authentically sustainable positioning. 

Veganologie Founder and CEO--and Dubai resident--Angana Maheshwari, 27, has long been uncomfortable with the idea of fast fashion and the amount of waste it creates, both from vast amounts of ‘disposable’ fashion winding up in landfills to the environmental problems created by the leather industry.  Unable to find a sustainable bag that was attractive, well-made, practical, and reasonably priced, she started researching the vegan handbag market during the pandemic lockdown.  She discovered a huge opportunity for well-made, sustainable handbags.  With no previous manufacturing experience, the natural born entrepreneur decided to dive headfirst into producing handbags, wallets, and credit card cases from fully recycled, vegan materials.  Even the hardware, where used, is sustainable as it is produced from fully recyclable zinc alloy. Angana landed on the name “Veganologie” for her company to instantly telegraph to consumers that the products were not made from genuine leather.

Launching immediately to a global audience, Veganologie’s purpose is to help people live a sustainable and practical life through fashion.  To that end, the bags’ fabrication is fully recycled material, whether it’s the vegan leather or the faux suede linings.  For example, Veganologie’s crossbody bags are made from 11 plastic bottles, wallets are made from 4 plastic bottles and cardholders are made from 2 plastic bottles. Even the dust bags are sustainable, with each one made from 10 recycled plastic bottles. Moreover, the company’s entire packaging is 100% recycled and is also fully recyclable.

“I believe in purpose-led fashion,” said Ms. Maheshwari, a graduate of New York University in New York City as well as the London School of Economics.  “We want Veganologie to make our customers proud of their decision to purchase one of our bags or accessories, knowing that they will look chic while also making a difference in the world.”

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